Tution and materials fees

All fees and payment options (including government subsidised courses) depend on your eligibility and the state you are living in.

Tuition fees may be partly or fully subsidised by relevant state / territory and commonwealth government funding.   Each has their own specific eligibility requirements. If you are elgible for a state / territory or federal funding, the cost of your tuition fees may be fully or partially subsidised.

Therefore the amount you have to pay depends on the state you live in, the qualification you enrol in, and whether you are eligible for a particular financial assistance program.

Any applicable materials fees are listed in the attached fees documents.

Please click on the relevant link for the state that you are enquirying about:



Incidental fees

Certificate, Record of Results and Statement of Attainment reissue fees

The cost for reissue of a:

- Certifiate and reocord of results $65

- Statement of Attainment $65

Reassessment fee

 If you do pass a unit, you are entitled to a second attempt at no cost.

 If you are not deemed competent after a minimum of two attempts and wish to continue, CWBTS will charge you $100 to reattempt a unit.


Fees, charges and refunds policy

For details regarding fees, charges and refunds, please refer to the following policy:

Policy: fees, charges and refunds