Government funding subsidies

All fees and payment options (including government subsidised courses) depend on your eligibility and the state you are living in.

Each State Government has a number of different funding programs, and each have their own specific eligibility requirements.

Therefore the amount you have to pay depends on the state you live in, the qualification you enrol in, and whether you are eligible for a particular financial assistance program.

CWBTS has government funding contracts with the ACT, New South Wales and Queensland Governments.  You can find further information about accessing government subsidies in the following locations:

NSW Smart and Skilled Funding - 1300 772 104

Queensland User Choice Funding

ACT User Choice Funding

Our team of trained course advisors can help you navigate through all of these factors.

Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ) Funding

CWBTS is providing funded training through Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ) training support.  CSQ Funding is a contribution toward the cost of receiving training and assessment services. 

CSQ provides funding to RTOs in the the form of a contribution per nominal hour against each eligible CSQ Higher Level Skills qualification or CSQ short course. 

To secure partial funding for a wide range of construction industry short courses and qualifications in Queensland the eligibility criteria for funding is only available to those who are currently employed in the building and construction industry.

For more information on CSQ funding and eligibility please visit the website here: or please see the CSQ Program Information sheet under the 'Key Links and Documents' Page.

Upskill today with CWBTS

The construction industry relies heavily on a skilled workforce. If you feel you’re ready to tackle bigger and more rewarding challenges CWBTS can help you get there.

We are a leading quality training provider of skilled workers within the construction sector and we’re committed to playing an active part in training people to enable them to enter the industry, build on any construction experience and to become skilled workers. 


Investing in your workforce by employing an apprentice or trainee is a great way to develop your business and ensure the skills they learn are customised to the specific business requirements. CWBTS delivers the training in your workplace, and can come to you and help you identify the training that your staff need.